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Blue Crown Conure


The Blue Crown Conure is one of the sweetest of the entire Conure group. Our lovely Blue Crowns are very affectionate and social birds, bonding strongly to their owners (as long as they are well treated, that is). They are well trained to be gifted talkers and are capable of learning several words and short phrases. With their intelligent eyes, they are very attractive and lovable to play with.

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Blue Crown Conure For Sale

The blue-crown conure is one of the largest members of the conure family. They are mostly green, with dull blue coloring on the forehead, crown, cheeks, and ears. Around each eye, the bird has a ring of white featherless skin and the breast feathers usually have the yellow-green coloring. The tail feathers are green on top, maroon to red-brown on the underside. generally growing to about 14.5 inches (~37 cm) in length (from top of the head to tip of tail).

Their wingspans are generally around seven and a half inches, and they weigh between 3 – 5.8 oz (84 – 165 grams) and they’re and their expected lifespan ranges from 25 to 30 years. While Blue Crowns have a reputation for being one of the more quiet species, of conures. They do have the ability to scream and screech and can be quite vocal upon waking and before bedtime.

Most conures are not considered good pets for apartment living. Make sure to provide your bird with tropical fruits as regularly as possible, but give it fresh fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. You should also provide them with a diet of seeds and pellets at least thrice a week. Ensure that you vary the diet up from time to time; otherwise, the bird will eventually get bored and physical complications will soon arise.

More About Blue Crown Conures

Blue Conures are extremely intelligent, and curious birds. They are playful and loving which makes them love human interaction. Conures are great companion birds when you’re unable or unsure about getting a larger companion bird.


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